Intentions for 2017

Intentions for 2017

When I woke up today, parts of brain reminded me that I should really start a diet today. "2017 will be better if you get skinny," her voice said. I'm telling that voice to go back to sleep. I prefer to follow Anne Lamott's advice from her recent article on a new year without diets.

Be kind to yourself, do what’s healthful, but emphasize care that includes your whole body and self-love, rather than a few lost lbs.

This year, I'll focus on the following simple intentions instead:

Stay curious about people, places and ideas.

Be patient with myself and others.

Listen. Notice. Tune in.

See things from new angles and perspectives.

Make enough progress with Spanish to have simple, everyday conversations.

Express myself freely and often.

Keep learning. 

Spend time with people who bring joy, wisdom, humor and compassion.

Write every day, even if it’s just a few words on a napkin.

Explore the incredible nature in South America.

Stay connected with friends and family.

Be adventurous. Take risks. 

Forgive everyone (even Trump).

What would you like to focus on this year? 


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