There’s a shift happening. With me, and with our group. I think we’re coming out of the Remote Year honeymoon phase and into … something else. I’m not sure what it is yet. A few people have decided to leave, and while I’m sad, I also get it. This trip isn’t for everyone. Today is one of the last days that our group is intact, so it seems like the perfect time to express this.

Everyone here has a lot to offer. I’ve personally seen qualities in each of my fellow Remotes that I admire. Today, I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

I would like to acknowledge:


Dhivya for her hospitality

Jessica S. for her vulnerability

Molly for her incredible writing (and lack of ego about it)

Jeremy for his genuine joyfulness

David for his storytelling talent

Bryan for his appreciation of the finer things

Tyler D. for his honesty

Susan for her ability to express herself

Angela for her moxie

Huy for his laugh

Jenna for her spirit

Tiffany for her exuberance

Maggie for her sureness

Stu for his spontaneity

Terrence for his heart

Nerissa for her resilience

Rhonda for her sparkle

Lizz for her dedication

TJ for his playfulness

Aline for her fire

Tyler T. for his attitude

Jacqueline for her ability to get shit done

Colleen for her self-awareness

Cara for her approachability

Sean for his leadership skills

Shane for his easy-going nature

AJC for his interest in others

Erne for his ability to talk to anyone

Chris for his authenticity

Euston for his gregariousness

Meera for her cleverness

Jason for his sense of adventure

Latifa for her generosity

Courtnee for her panache

Vanessa for her loyalty

Ravi for his amiability

Stacey for her openness

Fezza for his energy

Liesbeth for her zest

Stephan for his perceptiveness

Brian for his wonderful smile

Dan for his ability to laugh at himself

Matt R. for his warmth

Matt L. for his humor

Alex for his humbleness

Rob for his light

Kelly L. for being my role model for jet-setting

Kelly T. for her goofiness

Jessica D. for her savvy

Sam for his kind nature

Hope for her complexity

Ee Yeen for her poise

John for his gentlemanliness

Alicia for her free-spirited nature

Adam for his powers of observation

Nick F. for his friendliness

Nick G. for his confidence

Eddie for his sense of wonder

Chase for his depth

Montrey for his multi-faceted brilliance

Cookie for her fierceness

Justin for his style

Nicole for her artful eye

Danny for his liveliness

Nadja for her philanthropic nature

Scott for his ability to go with the flow

Cary for her hugability (totally a word)

Mary for being unapologetically herself

Ashwin for his considerate nature

Sara for being bullshit-free

Lily for her inside-and-out beauty

Kevin for his joie de vivre

Ben for his astuteness

Gemma for her realness













On Being Seen

On Being Seen