Week One: Nancy Interviews Herself

Week One: Nancy Interviews Herself

So, you’ve survived your first week of Remote Year. How are you feeling?  

My emotions are all over the place. I’m healthy and safe, and all of my needs are taken care of, but let's face it, moving to a new country is a huge adjustment. Today, I’m feeling calm and content but I’ve definitely had moments of overwhelm and exhaustion.

What’s your workspace like?

It’s incredible. We work at K10, which is the former Danish embassy, so our office is a mansion. There are lots of different rooms for working, private calls and meetings plus my favorite part—a huge back garden. They also have snacks and chef-prepared fare like salads and sandwiches. Check out the photos and the video tour on K10's Facebook page. Bonus: it's in Czech!

What do you think of Prague so far?

Wow, what a gorgeous place. Everywhere I look, there’s a beautiful view, an ornate church or an impressive display of public artwork. Prague is a feast for the eyes. There are also lots of green spaces, which I appreciate.  

What are the Remote Year people like?

There are so many fantastic people, and I haven’t met everyone yet. Overall, the Remote Year staff and the participants have been friendly, outgoing and seem genuinely interested in getting to know everyone. Most of us are American, but I've also met people from Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Bahrain, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. 

How do you all communicate?

We mostly use an application called Slack, which is new to me. It’s like an instant messaging program for a specific group of people and people in the group can add special interest channels. I’ve created two: food_drink and walking_wandering. I’m digging it! 

What sorts of things have you been doing?

Aside from working, I’ve been doing a lot of walking and seeing art. A few of us went to see the spinning Kafka head one day (whoa!) and I also joined an excursion to a fantastic modern art museum called DOX. I’ve also done a 3-hour walking tour of Prague and wandered around Prague Castle a bit.  

How’s the food?

I wasn’t sure how diverse it would be, but I’ve had Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Mediterranean and Mexican so far. I will definitely try some Czech food this week!

What are the prices like in Prague?

It’s super reasonable to live here. You can find a simple meal for around $5 and a latte for $2. The monthly public transport pass is less than $1/day. Here's a breakdown of the price difference between Prague and Portland, according to numbeo.com. 

Are you happy with what you packed?

So far, I am. It’s been warm in Prague, so I’m mostly wearing dresses, skirts and tank tops. I may have brought too many warm clothes, but there are 11 destinations left. 

What does week two hold of Remote Year hold in store? 

I'll be focusing on work this week, and I'd like to visit some parks and possibly a beer garden. If you have suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments. See you next week!

The Remote Year Learning Curve

The Remote Year Learning Curve