Remote Year FAQ

Remote Year FAQ

Remote Year FAQ

Have you heard? I’m heading out on a big adventure with Remote Year!

Yes, I’m leaving my home and my friends for an entire year to travel the world and work remotely. When I tell people this, lots of questions pop up. I’ve attempted to answer the most common questions here. If you have others, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Where will you be going?

Ten countries, twelve cities. 

  1. Prague, Czech Republic (June)
  2. Belgrade, Serbia (July) 
  3. London, England (August) 
  4. Lisbon, Portugal (September)
  5. Rabat, Morocco (October) 
  6. Valencia, Spain (November) 
  7. Mexico City, Mexico (December) 
  8. Bogotá, Colombia (January) 
  9. Medellin, Colombia (February)
  10. Lima, Peru (March) 
  11. Córdoba, Argentina (April) 
  12. Buenos Aires, Argentina (May) 

Why did you decide to do this?

I’ve always wanted to travel long-term, so this opportunity is like a dream come true for me. I feel the most alive when I’m discovering new things, and there will be an endless supply of newness during my year away.

How long will you stay in each place?

Approximately one month.

 Why these places?

The Remote Year team picks cities that will have what remote workers need, including reliable internet and a community of entrepreneurs. The cities are mostly affordable (OK, not London) and they also offer an interesting mix of cultures and temperate weather.

What will you be doing?

Working as a freelance writer and exploring lots of new places with a group of 74 other interesting people.

How much does it cost?

The program is 27k for the year, which is similar to what I’ve been paying to live in Portland, OR. (Sadly, Portland is no longer the bargain city it used to be.)

What do you get for 27k?

I’ll have a place to stay in each city (everyone gets a private room), a place to work with reliable internet, and transportation between the cities. There will also be group activities and events but I don’t know the details yet. I'll also have a community of other Remotes with whom I'll be traveling, which is extremely valuable in my opinion. I tend to isolate myself a bit because I work at home, but I really do love people. 

 What will you do with your house/car/stuff?

I’ll be renting out my place for the year, with most of my belongings stored in the basement. My car, (an old diesel Mercedes that I’m strangely attached to) will be in storage. Thanks, Jeff!

What about ISIS?

Mom? Dad? Is that you? Stop watching FOX news. Seriously.

How do you pack for a year?

Great question! I’m trying to channel my inner minimalist. Once I’ve packed, I’ll write about it. (Unless it’s embarrassing.)

Will you come back to the U.S. during the year?

I’m not sure. Since Mexico City is on the list, I will be a short flight away from the States. I could imagine coming home for a visit then, especially because it’s right in the middle of the year.  Or you could come visit me in Mexico City!

Will you come back to Portland after the year is over?

At this very moment, I think so. But I can’t honestly predict what I’ll want or who I’ll be after traveling for a year.

How can I do this, too?

Remote Year is adding programs all the time. If you work remotely or you think you would like to, you can apply for the latest program at You have nothing to lose by applying. Plus, when has anyone ever said “I really wish I hadn’t taken that year to travel the world.” I mean, come on!

When do you leave?

I’ll be leaving Portland at the end of May, spending a few days in NYC and then heading to our first city, Prague. The program’s official start date is June 1, 2016.

Stay tuned ... 


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Please Don’t Call Me a Digital Nomad